Netflix will offer two days free usage for one country


With a two-day event, Netflix plans to offer free viewing of all content in India to those who have not yet subscribed to the service, without any subscription plan.

This move came after Netflix ended the free trial period. After realizing that users are abusing this trial, the service tests different marketing campaigns to attract new subscribers.

Greg Peters, Netflix’s vice president of operations, confirmed this promotional campaign at the company’s third quarter financial report meeting. The campaign, called “StreamFest”, will be implemented only in India for now. Peters says something like StreamFest can really create an event.

According to the news of Variety, the free trial will start on December 4th. Peters did not provide information on whether such a promotional campaign would be tried in different countries beyond India.

“We’re always looking for different marketing promotions to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience,” said a Netflix representative on The Verge site. said.

Netflix recently terminated the opportunity for new customers to test the service free for 30 days in many countries, including the USA. For this reason, the company is trying to attract new users with different marketing campaigns. Removing the membership requirement from some movies and TV shows is also among the steps taken.


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