Netflix will offer Shuffle Play feature to its users this year


Netflix’s Shuffle Play feature began testing last year. This feature is expected to be available extensively in the first half of 2021. Variety noted that this feature was announced at the meeting where the company’s latest financial results were announced.

During the testing phase, the Shuffle Play feature enabled selection of contents based on your viewing history. This helped you get the opportunity to watch something without being unsure about what to choose from within Netflix’s main screen full of content.

Greg Peters, Netflix’s vice president of operations and chief product officer, said the feature is designed for users who tell them they want to skip browsing altogether and start watching things instantly with the click of a button. Netflix tried adding a “Shuffle Play” button to the profile selection screen and a “Play Something” option in its menu during feature tests.

Now the big question is, what will Netflix call this feature? During the earnings report session, co-CEO Reed Hastings made a small joke that they could say “I’m Feeling Lucky” based on the Google search feature that jumps straight to the top search result. However, Peters quickly rejected this idea. “We’re going to find something better than this, so be prepared for that. You’ll see it when it comes out. ”Peters said.

Whether it’s Shuffle Play, Shuffle Play, or whatever it’s called, this feature will join other Netflix initiatives to make it easier to find content to watch. Last year, a “New and Popular” tab was added to the service, containing a combination of new, popular and upcoming content.


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