Netflix Will Not Charge You Extra For Games You Place On The Platform.


Netflix today confirmed to its shareholders today that it is actually planning to expand its business into the gaming world, but the big revelation was that the company does not intend to charge extra for its subscribers to play these future titles.

The company also said it wants to reinforce interactivity efforts it has been doing for some time, including the way it worked with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which has an all-interactive story, or games based on the Stranger Things series, for example.

There aren’t many details of this Netflix venture yet, but everything indicates that the games will be added to the streaming service’s library. What they’ve confirmed is that the games will only be available for mobile devices at first, but it’s not known if that could change later on.

Of course, Netflix did not fail to mention that it is still with the same animation as before with its series and movies, which are still the main focus of the company. Anyway, it’s going to be really interesting to see what they’re up to and what kind of games we’ll be able to see in the catalog soon.

And you, like knowing that you won’t have to pay more to try Netflix games? Comment below if you think this is a good plan by the streaming service.


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