Netflix Will Make Series Based on Dishonored [RUMOR]


Netflix and Dishonored: If a rumor running around the network turns out to be confirmed at some point, Netflix could begin production on a series based on Dishonored. The information is from the Gian Freaking Robot website, which cites “reliable sources” to support his report.

The page also says that the company’s idea is to make this project something big, like The Witcher, and bring famous actors, screenwriters and directors to work on the production. Reddit users even remembered that, last year, Gennifer Hutchison, who works on the Lord of the Rings series at Amazon, would like to get his name involved in such a project.

It is worth remembering that, despite having only two games, Dishonored has a trilogy of published books, as well as some comic books to give more basis to the plot of a series. Another detail is that so far nothing has been officially confirmed.

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