Netflix will make characters’ voices clearer on Android


Netflix continues to improve its streaming platform on mobile devices. Recently, the company started releasing the new xHE-AAC codec for smartphones and tablets running Android 9.0 or higher.

The novelty promises to bring “studio audio” to the platform, as it manages to optimize quality depending on the internet connection used for streaming. The codec also promises to correct a very common problem when consuming content: the difference in volume between the sound of the voices and the sound effects.

According to Netflix, in addition to improving sound quality, the technology recognizes sound levels more deeply and ensures a better balance when viewing movies and series.

Sound balance

In its blog, the company explains that each production ends up prioritizing certain parts of the audio in the sound mix. In the case of action films, for example, special effects are usually louder than dialogues, while drama series and soap operas have more prominent lines.

The difference in sound between the productions usually bothers users when consuming various content in sequence, according to the company. After all, to hear the dialogues of an action movie after watching a soap opera, it is necessary to increase the volume, but without exaggerating, as the explosions are quite loud.

Using volume control and range compression (DRC) techniques, Netflix’s new codec is able to automatically balance audio levels to improve playback on mobile devices. Thus, all dialogues are reproduced in the same decibel range, ensuring a more comfortable experience when using streaming on the cell phone.

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