Netflix will help with the shuffle button


Can’t decide what to watch on Netflix? Netflix will help you overcome your indecision thanks to the “Shuffle” button that it will soon launch.

With this new feature for movies and TV series, discussions about what to watch at home, among family members or friends can also end. Leaving the decision up to Netflix would be a fair solution for everyone. Netflix noted that this shuffle button has been running its tests since July.

Netflix also seems to be testing a number of different ways of how this feature will look. For example, some users have a button “Play Something”. In a statement made to Variety from Netflix, “The hope is definitely to produce something.” is called. Netflix users abroad see different display formats within the scope of this test.

According to The Verge site, clicking on the “Play Something” button launches Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, showing a statement saying “because Spider-Man was watched”. As it can be understood, the content to be played randomly is selected based on what has been viewed in the past.

Netflix has previously tested a feature that allows you to play a random episode of a particular TV series. However, the shuffle play feature, which is planned to be offered across all content, seems more useful. “We conduct these tests in different countries and at different times, and we only make them widely available if people find them useful,” the company said in a statement. expression was used.

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