Netflix: Will “Firefly Lane” be entitled to Season 2?


Will the Firefly Lane event series have the right to a season 2? While Netflix hasn’t confirmed the rumor, others are hinting at it.

This is THE event series everyone is talking about. Firefly Lane is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and a season 2 is reportedly in the works.

As of yet, Netflix has yet to renew Firefly Lane for a season 2, but rumors are rife on social media. As of yet, nothing has been confirmed by the streaming platform.

In an interview with the Washington Post, comedian Katherine Heigl said she would love to see a season 2 of Firefly Lane considered. “I keep my fingers, toes, and whatever else I can cross to make my streak last at least three seasons,” she said.

It must be said that in terms of audiences, these are excellent. Proof of this is that the series is in the top 3 most viewed content in several countries.

Based on Kristin Hannah’s eponymous 2008 bestseller, the series tells the story of two best friends, Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Kate (Sarah Chalke), who grow up in a Seattle suburb.

In 1974, Tully and Kate were 14 years old and dreamed of becoming great reporters. So we see them growing up in Firefly Lane and evolving differently, but never forgetting.


Fans of the series wonder if the series will be entitled to a season 2. It must be said that the author of the books has already published a second volume. So it’s a safe bet that the writers are basing themselves on the story of the novel Firefly Lane to follow up on the fans.

The aficionados of the series have remained hungry. Indeed, Season 1 ends with a lot of questions and these remain unanswered for the moment. If you haven’t had time to complete the series, don’t read on …

Many people wonder what happened to Johnny. Others wonder how the friendship between the two best friends will develop.

At the end of Season 1, Kate and Tully lose their temper and so they leave viewers in the dark. Will young women forgive themselves?

So many questions that remain unanswered for the moment. In the initial novel, Kate will go through several very difficult phases.

We’re going to diagnose her with breast cancer. A terrible illness that should bring the two lifelong friends who were angry together.

Volume 2 of Firefly Lane focuses on the mourning of Tully and the daughter of Kate Marah. But also to the mother of Tully Cloud, who tries to make amends.

As of yet, Netflix has not given details on a possible Season 2. The streaming site is expected to announce the good news soon.

As a reminder, Netflix announced the arrival of season 2 of The Bridgertons a few weeks after putting season 1 online. Patience is therefore required …


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