Netflix will be free for 48 hours with StreamFest


Netflix will hold a free festival to win back its lost customers. The company, which has increased its subscriptions significantly during the pandemic period, aims to regain the users it lost with this festival.

Netflix will be free for 48 hours with StreamFest

Netflix is ​​making some strategic moves to keep the increase in the number of users due to the pandemic. One of them will be the StreamFest event that the company will launch on December 4. With this event, Netflix will offer 2 days of free access to the platform without requesting payment from users.

All users who want to participate in this festival need a device that can access the Netflix platform. At this point, users will be able to watch the content they want for 48 hours with the festival without any payment.

Netflix 48 saat ücretsiz

With StreamFest, users will see only one limitation. During the festival, there will be an audience limit for the content and once a content reaches the instant audience limit, no other viewers will be accepted. If users are stuck on the content they want to watch, they will have to wait for a while at this point.

For now, there is no explanation as to whether the festival will be held globally at the same time or at different times in each country. However, the company announced that it will run a trial project in Hindstan.


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