Netflix will appear with 40 new anime in 2021


Netflix, which has gained a serious audience with its unique productions, continues to take new steps to improve its content. Announcing the latest Netlix Party innovation, the company continues to develop in the field of content. According to the latest news, Netflix will appear with brand new productions for anime lovers in 2021. This way, the users of the platform will have a much larger anime collection.

The company, which carries out new studies to improve its content every day, plans to bring users together with 40 new anime in 2021. The company, which made announcements that will make anime lovers smile at the AnimeJapan 2021 Fair in Tokyo, announced that more than 40 anime will take place on the platform in 2021. The arrival of 40 new anime stands out as one of the steps Netflix will take to be effective in the Asian market. Because this number is about twice the anime published on the platform last year.

Some of the new anime to be added for Netflix have also been announced

The digital media giant also announced some of the new anime projects that will be added to the platform in 2021 at the fair. As part of these announcements, it has been announced that the anime adaptation of the Japanese manga Record of Ragnarok will also be among 40 productions. Other prominent productions among the announced productions are Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness and Eden, directed by Irie Yasuhiro, who is also the director of the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Apart from these productions, a new poster will be released for Yasuke, which is about the story of a Black samurai in feudal Japan, while The Way of Househusband, adapted from the Japanese manga series, will debut on April 8.

Considering the diversity of the announced productions, the seriousness of Netflix’s steps in anime can be understood more clearly. We can also say that these steps Netflix has taken are extremely logical. Because anime has a large audience not only in the Asian market, but also all over the world.

The fact that the company, which already has a very large audience, increases the variety of content on the platform and does this with productions that reach large audiences such as anime, seems a very logical move at first glance. However, time will tell how these moves Netflix will make will affect this platform.


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