Netflix: Who is young Omar Sy Mamadou Haïdara?


The Netflix series Lupine has been a hit on Netflix for several weeks. Zoom on the actor Mamadou Haïdara, who plays the role of the young Omar Sy.

The Lupine series is a hit on Netflix. The series has been a hit on the platform for several weeks, and if there is one actor who is missing out on it, it’s Mamadou Haïdara.

Indeed, the young man therefore plays the role of young Omar Sy in the successful French series. The young man, who grew up in Ivry-sur-Seine in Val-de-Marne, has come a long way.

As he tries to land a role as an extra in the feature film Gagarin, which is shot in his hometown, Gagarin fails. He doesn’t give up on his dream of becoming an actor.

The film crew keeps in touch with the young man and therefore offers him to participate in a casting for the Netflix series, Lupine. He decides to introduce himself and the magic has worked.

Mamadou Haïdara takes on the role of Assane Diop, the character played by teenage Omar Sy. Le Parisien describes the young actor as very ambitious and talented.

The son of a mason and from a family of seven children, Mamadou Haïdara did not want to reveal to his relatives that he had obtained this role. The young man therefore has his feet firmly anchored to the ground.


He thus clarified to the Parisian: “With us, we say: Do everything in silence so as not to be disappointed”. A phrase that he therefore applies in his daily life.

The young man therefore confided to our colleagues that his family had a funny reaction when they discovered Mamadou Haïdara in the Lupine series. “I knew the kiss scene in the pool was coming up. And I didn’t want my mom to see it. Suddenly, I locked myself in the toilet. I came back afterwards, I was too ashamed “.

Very modest, the young man wanted to preserve his family. A trait he shares with Omar Sy, who is not very comfortable in nude scenes.

“So I dread nude scenes, because I’m modest and I know my limits,” he confided last year to Madame Figaro, when the film Police was released, where he shared the poster with Virginie Efira.

Since he played in Lupine, Mamadou Haïdara has therefore become a real star. This very successful first experience made him want to continue in the seventh art … A talent to be followed very closely!


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