Netflix was responsible for the cancellation of season 4

All movements to continue the Shadowhunters franchise came to a halt when it barely managed to recoup its budget just like the movie making it known that lack of finances appears to be the reason.

However, Netflix is ​​the real culprit. Constantin Films produced the Shadowhunters series that required a strong dollar sign for its glossy looks and special effects, with the help of a deal made with Netflix.

When the streaming platform canceled the deal, Constantin Films couldn’t afford to keep Shadowhunters on air. He went to Freeform hoping to find a secondary producer, but the network couldn’t afford it.

Shadowhunters was canceled in June 2018, but released a two-part series finale to close any loose ends, Freeform addressed the cancellation in a statement expressing the decision not to renew the show.

But as huge fans and fans ourselves, Freeform insisted and defended filming a special two-part ending that would give devoted Shadowhunters fans a fitting ending.

However, hope was not entirely lost. Shadowhunters fans refused to accept defeat and not moments after news of the cancellation hit the internet, the hashtag “SaveShadowhunters.”

He was dubbed the Save Shadowhunters Campian, and his grand finale saw two billboards posted in Time Square and a “Save Shadowhunters” banner taped to a plane that flew over Netflix headquarters.

As of now, the campaign still continues and Shadowhunters is no closer to getting a new home network than it was a year ago, but fans of the show are hopeful that another Season will be renewed.



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