Netflix Wants To Make The Game Of The Popular Series Squid Game


Netflix: We can also see the game of Squid Game, which was released in September and was announced to be the most watched series of Netflix in the past hours.

Squid Game’s Game May Coming

Minyoung Kim, Netflix’s Vice President of Content for Asia Pacific, recently participated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. During the interview, Minyoung Kim stated that they are investigating what they can offer the audience about Squid Game and they want to offer content such as games. Unfortunately she didn’t make any statements with this idea.

Netflix has already started to enter the gaming industry. It seems that we will often see the games of the series or movies that keep this way when they are ready in the game industry in the future. “If Squid Game was a game, what would it be like?” The idea is also very interesting. Squid Game is currently Netflix’s most-watched series with 111 million households.


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