Netflix Wants To Film The Events Of Gamestop Shares Recently


Netflix, the giant name of digital media, wants to make a movie about Gamestop, the most talked about company of recent times, and the events in the background. According to reports, the company continues negotiations for the script and the cast of the film.

According to a report published by Deadline, the digital streaming giant Netflix wants to make a film about the company Gamestop , whose shares have recently taken off , and the events that took place. It is reported that the company is in talks with Detroit and Triple Frontier author Mark Boal for the script of the film .

However, the cast of the film will include Noah Centineo , who previously appeared in Netflix productions such as The Perfect Date . The names of the other actors who will be in the cast of the film were not disclosed.

What happened with GameStop stocks?

A group of investors organized on Reddit in this unprecedented event, which is also seen as the rebellion of small investors , manipulated the stocks of the company named Gamestop and enabled it to gain dozens of times in one day. Despite the loss of the company’s balance sheet, this incredible increase in stocks caused many small investors to become millionaires while giant mutual funds lost billions of dollars .

Gamestop stocks, which were traded at around $ 20 earlier this month, had reached the level of $ 500 with small investors flocking to the stock . Gamestop shares, which started to decline with sales from the top, are currently trading at $ 233 on American stock markets .

Although Gamestop stocks are far from the highest level reached recently, the incident managed to mark 2021. In this film to be made by Netflix, the idea of small internet merchants to beat the billionaires in the game that they set the rules can be discussed .

As mentioned above, not many details are known to the film. We will continue to inform you if there are new developments on the subject. Stay tuned to be informed about developments.


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