Netflix Voted 2nd Best Brand by Consumers; See Top 10


Netflix: The Comparably website released this Wednesday (18) the list of the 100 best companies for consumers. The ranking was prepared according to the evaluations of approximately 200 thousand people, between August 1, 2020 and August 1, 2021, in the United States.

Participants needed to assess six factors: product or service quality, customer service, ROI (Return on Investment), overall satisfaction with the company, loyalty, and the likelihood of recommending the company to a friend. In the list, brands from different segments appear, such as Netflix, Google and Amazon.

Check out the top 10:

1. Peloton (exercise platform)

2. Netflix (streaming service)

3. Costco (retail company)

4. Chick-fil-A (fast-food chain)

5. Amazon (online retail company)

6. Apple (electronics and software company)

7. Nike (clothing and footwear brand)

8. Target (retail company)

9. Google (electronics and software company)

10. Spotify (music streaming service)

Other highlights

In addition to the 10, it is worth noting the presence of other large companies among the top 100. Zoom, which gained popularity in the pandemic and has also been embroiled in privacy issues in recent days, took 12th place.

In the gaming business, Japan’s Nintendo won 17th, while PlayStation was 31st — both were behind Roblox, which was in the top 15. Also appearing on the list are Microsoft (22nd), Instagram (23rd), Tesla ( 32nd), Nvidia (34th), AMD (53rd), HBO (60th) and YouTube (75th).

To check the complete list, visit the website.


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