Netflix video interview “The Sandman” | Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Neil Gaiman and others!


The cast of Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, including Tom Sturridge (Dream/Morpheus/Sandman), Gwendoline Christie (Lucifer Morningstar), Stephen Fry (Gilbert), Kirby Howell-Baptist (Death), Jenna Coleman (Joanna Constantine), Vivien Achampong (Lucien), Vanessa Samunyai (Rose Walker), Allan Heinberg (showrunner) and Gaiman himself joined CinemaBlend to discuss the masterful adaptation on Netflix. Watch them discuss the incredible scenery, the transfer of characters from page to screen, the scenes that made the comic book author cry, and much more.

Video chapters:

00:00 – Intro

00:32 – Tom Sturridge explains the most common misconception about dreams

01:36 — Jenna Coleman compares the work on “Sandman” with “Doctor Who”

02:54 – Why Stephen Fry agreed without hesitation to join the cast of “The Sandman”

03:56 — Creator Neil Gaiman talks about the episode that made him cry… twice

06:19 – Kirby Howell-Baptiste explains why every character in The Sandman is important, regardless of screen time

07:08 – Why Gwendoline Christie liked the opportunity to portray Lucifer

08:30 – Favorite scenery of the actors of the “Sandman” to work during filming

11:12 – End


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