Netflix unveils teaser for Alex Pina’s new series “Sky Rojo”!


Judging by the latest teaser from the latest Spanish production, Sky Rojo is the new Netflix series that promises to cause a sensation.

Sky Rojo doesn’t mean anything to you? Well you will soon be hearing about it. The trailer for Alex Pina’s new Netflix series has been released and it promises to be amazing.

It’s the long awaited event this March on Netflix. The creator of La Casa de Papel, Álex Pina has planned a brand new series. New actors, new story, it has it all.

Sky Rojo (Netflix) will take place far from the Bank of Spain and the robbers in red overalls. We will follow the adventures of Coral, Wendy and Gina.

Three prostitutes who flee the club where they live as well as Romeo their pimp. Leaving him seriously injured at his club in Las Novias.

It’s a real chase that young women are going to have to experience. Because after what they have done, death is assured. And the police won’t be able to help them.

They will then have to choose between two options. Flee or face those who are after them. An intense situation that will prove the strength of their friendship.

Because they will be ready to do anything to find their freedom. Even if they will have to break the codes, and face many dangers.

We can’t wait to learn more. And for good reason, a new teaser for the Netflix series has been released and it puts us right in the mood.


The Sky Rojo trailer is worthy of the greatest action movies. In just 1 minute, the video announces the color. It promises to be rich in emotion.

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From the start, we see a person pulling the trigger of a pistol. Under a catchy music, the ball goes towards all the protagonists of the Netflix series.

She walks through Romeo’s club and pierces one of the characters’ phone. She walks past a man counting the banknotes in his hands.

Then the bullet continues on its way, passing through a woman’s diary and then a bottle of alcohol that a man is drinking. As for the special effects, they are very good.

But this Netflix trailer is a very original way to introduce the cast to us. And for good reason, the new Spanish production called on Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

A regular in Netflix series especially for his role as Lito in “Sense8”. And that we will also find in the next season of “La Casa de Papel”.

Indeed the series promises to deliver us a story full of twists and turns. Young women will live every second of their life as if it were the last. But as long as they are together, nothing can stop them.

Mixing drugs, friendship and suspense. This Netflix series has enough to give us a good dose of adrenaline.


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