Netflix under heavy fire from Cuties


Netflix bashed: movie more nauseating than trailer, absurd Tweet like oil on the fire.

Everyone notices that society is polarizing and that people are quickly climbing the barricades via social media. Where yesterday we saw how streamer Disney Plus came under fire, it is now Netflix’s turn. There, too, interest groups are calling for a boycott and denunciations are raining. We put things in a row.

Cuties: film about growing teenagers leads to a storm of criticism
With Cuties, an originally French film called Mignonnes, Netflix is bringing a film about an 11-year-old girl who rebels against her conservative home situation and ends up with a liberal dance group. The film was enthusiastically received by connoisseurs and even won an award at the Sundance Festival.

Here you can see the controversial trailer.

Netflix accused of soft child pornography

Viewers, however, are a lot less positive about the film. This is mainly because everyone in the film turns out to be quite pawing, there is quite a bit of physical contact and sexual allusions are made. All this while the lead actress is only 11 years old and can also be seen twerking with her friends. The trailer has already sparked fierce protests. Netflix tried to apologize for the course of events but made a gruesome blunder. Furious people asked if Netflix supports pedophilia. There is of course only one answer to that, but Netflix did not give that.

Why is the controversy topical again

All the commotion above arose as a result of the trailer, which we ourselves were also critical of before. The film can be seen since 9 September and now that the entire film has been viewed, the reactions seem even more intense than those on the trailer. It is raining cancellations and the petition to remove the film from Netflix is signed at breakneck speed.

After the problems at Disney Plus, the second streamer is now under fire, although the impact at Netflix seems much greater. Perhaps an idea to opt for a safer alternative?

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