Netflix: two friends remix the famous “Tou doum”! (VIDEO)


All Netflix users know what it is. The famous “tou doum” that occurs at the beginning of a program has been remixed. A sound that starts to make the buzz.

The French Fuses are musical youtubers. Thanks to original musical remixes, they get a little success and gather more than 170 000 subscribers on Youtube. They have already made the buzz several times. Thanks to their skills in the field of computer-assisted music, they manage to make simple sounds whole pieces. This time, they attacked the “tou doum” of Netflix.

But they also seem known when they borrow from famous movies the most iconic replicas. They then mix them to make a song. A recipe that works well. But this time, they made a big bet. With only two notes of the Netflix intro, make a melody.

After many successes, they then tackle the introductory sound of Netflix programs. Before each episode or movie begins, the platform launches its logo with a sound that has become well known. Two notes that have been used by youtubers to create a melody.

To this melody, they add several artificial sounds and play it DJ. The rendering seems professional and you can barely hear the two original notes. The complexity of this challenge will not prevent youtubers to release a new original remix. A piece that seems to please because it accounts for nearly 40 000 views on Youtube in addition to having shot a lot on social networks including Twitter and Instagram.

An original recovery of a sound known to all for a result that seems to be unanimous given the comments left by the twittos and other Internet users.


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