Are Netflix TV Shows ‘The End Of The F *** ing World’ and ‘I am Not Okay With This’ Connected?


Netflix’s violent youth series “The End of The F *** ing World” and “I am Not Okay With This” are actually connected. We touched on the details that could be overlooked by the viewers and everything known about the series.

Netflix’s two long-hailed TV series have been spoken on the Internet for a long time. The fact that the series are short-lived in the first place, the stories continue continuously and not counting on the spot lock the viewers on the screen. The story of I am Not Okay With This, which started broadcasting in 2017 as a comic book, was soon purchased by Netflix and adapted as a series.

You will also remember the series The End Of The F *** ing World, which is uncertain whether it will continue for now … Netflix seems to have established a link between 2 popular series that it does not open for now. When we look at both series, it is possible to say that they look almost like sister productions from their music to light and costumes. However, we do not say that they are connected by deducting here; The biggest clue is already shown to us twice in the first season of I am Not Okay With This.

I am Not Okay With This link in TEOTFW:
After this point, we warn you about spoilers. One of the links of the two series is actually news in IANOWT. The report contained information that two young people fled the police in England. As you can imagine, our two young heroes in this news are James and Alyssa. With this information, both stories proved to pass in the same universe. The producers of the series also announced that there was no such plan.

The second port comes from the series I am Not Okay With This. It is seen that on the page belonging to Sydney, which cleans his table in the first part of the third part, he wrote TEOTFW. Of course, this is an abbreviation of the name of our other series. After these two connections, everything becomes clear.

When we look at the two series, we can see the similarity of the costumes, lights, scenes and even the story. Two nerdy young people become lovers, and they have big problems in their families. Our heroes are going on a new adventure and exploration together. Someone wants to discover their past and strength. In TEOTFW, our heroes discover their own emotions directly.

We must admit that before reading this information, we had seen the connections between the two series and it was always on one side of our head. We now know that they pass in the same universe. Now we have to give a sad news. The question of whether we all have two episodes to be shot together? However, if we look at the information given by the producers, it seems that this will never happen.

Season 3 will not be shot for The End Of The F *** ing World:
The two series seem to not come together because the third season of TEOTFW will not be filmed. The reason is that the producers explain that they end the story where they want. According to the statement, the story went well in two seasons and left at the desired location. It is stated that there is no need for a new discovery and adventure from this moment and this will be a mistake.

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This was also a news that very upset the fans of the series. After the first season, we had already waited a long time for the second season. Now the knowledge that the 3rd season will never come is burning us. It is necessary to say this on the subject; A definitive sentence was not used because the series would not have the 3rd season. It was only decided not to continue the story. Maybe this decision may change after the heavy demand.

I am Not Okay With This Awaiting approval for season 2:
The future of this series seems to be a little complicated just like its sister production. There was no clear explanation about the second season of the series, which has reached a large audience and fans since its release. However, it is spoken in the foreign press that the second season approval of the series will come. In fact, it seems that the series needs a second season due to the season finale; at least we expect it.

“Should I be afraid?” Appears behind Sydney in the season finale. A mysterious character appeared, answering the question “They should be afraid.” Now we all have questions in the minds of who this character is and what its purpose is. Season 3 did not come for TEOTFW because there was nothing new to discover in the story. In this series we have a lot to learn about both the past and the future of the character.

In the light of all this information, we can think that the second season approval of the series will come soon. Who knows, maybe even a common section can be made to measure the future of TEOTFW. This is of course our own opinion, but it is said that Netflix will announce its decision in the coming weeks; it is even expected to go live in February or April of an estimated 2021.

The story of the series tied the audience more:

We got used to seeing plenty of love, pampering and unnecessary adventures in youth series. These two productions have memorizing stories. Therefore, it started to attract the attention of both young people and older people. If we look at their common characteristics, we see asocial, young people who have difficulties in expressing their feelings and who have great problems with their families. In other words, all of the problems young people have are in the series.

While watching these series, you can find small spots from your own life. For now, I am Not Okay With This seems to continue. When we look at this series, we see an overly troubled girl with superpowers. In the second season of the series, we will learn more details about Sydney’s father and his past. We will also learn who is the character that appears in the last section and where these forces come from.

If we go back to the beginning, let us state once again that the two series are linked. The series takes place in the same universe, but one should not expect much about common episodes or the future of this connection. Instead, we can cut hope out of The End Of The F *** ing World series and pray a lot together for the second season approval.


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