Netflix: TV shows and movies released for February 2021

On February 15, 2013, the Los Angeles Police Department published a strange video that, in the middle of the social media era, went viral worldwide in just days. The clip showed what a security camera from the Hotel Cecil elevator recorded: Elisa Lam, a woman staying there, moments before she disappeared reacting to something that seemed to be outside the elevator, scaring her, harassing her.

In the style of Japanese horror films, you could see nothing but her panic, but it was enough to freeze the blood of terror. The story took on a darker tint when days later her body was found in the hotel’s water tank, in a place where it was impossible for her to have accessed it alone. The parallels with films like Dark Water did the rest on social media. And the chilling case of Elisa Lam is the one chosen by Netflix to inaugurate its documentary series Crime Scene, which opens this February 2021.

But there is more, as we have the first season of the Tribes de Europa series, a ‘young adult’ premiere in the style of The 100 that tells a post-apocalyptic dystopia in which Europe is broken into several microstates that fight for power.

And in cinema, a good number of films, highlighting some such as Space Sweepers, a Korean science fiction blockbuster focused on scrap dealers who clean up the space garbage of the elite who in 2092 live in Space, outside of Earth.


February 1
Zig & Sharko, season 3

February 2
Mighty Express, season 2
Kid cosmic

February 3
The fireflies dance

February 5
Hache, season 2
Invisible city

February 11

February 15
In the pits

February 17
Behind your eyes

February 18
Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan

February 19
Tribes of Europe


February 1
A Man for All Seasons

February 2
Virgin of San Juan. Four centuries of miracles

February 3
All my friends are dead
Black beach

February 4
The Master of Yin and Yang: In Search of Eternity
Vuxna manniskor

February 5
I am not your enemy
Big and small women
The last of the Paradiso
Malcolm & Marie
Space sweepers

February 10
Passing theme in Paris
Spraenfarlig Bombe
Staying Alive
Karlas kabale
Karla og Jonas
Kenny Begins
Someone like Hodder
Tur & Retur
Klurt blir Grusom
Ond Tro
Frigtelig Lykelig
Kalde fotter
Asfalt Englene
Father of Four: Uncle Sofus Returns
Father of Four: A Very Crazy Vacation

February 11
Red point
Squared Love
Layla M.

February 12
To All the Boys: Forever
The way of Xico

February 16
Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins

February 17
The crossing
Four stories of women

February 19
I Care a Lot

February 20
Classmates Minus

February 24
Ginny and Georgia

February 26
Super nerds
Look, the girl on the train
Crazy for her


February 2
They Ready, season 2

February 5
Get naked, rebel

February 10
Crime Scene: Disappearance at Hotel Cecil
Ghosts of Cité Soleil

February 12
Hate, by Dani Rovira
Nadiya bakes
Bernard Funeral Home

February 14th
The big day: the wedding industry in India

February 16
Safari mission: survival is the challenge, the movie

February 17
Meat Eater: Hunt and Cook, Season 10

February 19
Heroes: silence and rock & roll

February 23



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