Netflix Turns Off HBO Max and Cancels Two Already Completed Movies


HBO Max made a splash in the streaming world last year when the company decided to drop some products that had already been taken down. The streamer postponed high-profile projects such as Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt after both films were completed. (The service has also begun cutting back on released content, including shows like “The Gordita Chronicles” and the HBO series “Vinyl,” which was produced by Martin Scorsese.) Platform.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has abandoned the planned original films “Legacy” and “House/Wife”. While this is similar to a lot of HBO Max cancellations, there is one key difference here that you should pay attention to. In this case, Netflix gives filmmakers the opportunity to buy ready-made projects elsewhere. It is reported that the Warner Bros. streamer Discovery wrote off its products for tax purposes, which means that the projects could not subsequently be sent to other entertainment organizations that could profit from them.

These cancellations come at an interesting time for the California streaming service. Previously, the company reported losses last year due to fluctuations in the number of subscribers and financing of expensive projects. However, the mega-streamer recently introduced an ad-based option that has served him well as he seeks to compete with other companies. In addition, in 2022, the entertainment giant had several widely popular films, including “The Glass Bow: The Mystery of Knives” and “The Gray Man.” It should also be noted that there have been several notable television releases in The Observer, Dahmer the Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and Wednesday.

As for the films uploaded by Netflix, “Legacy” is a horror/thriller starring Peyton List and Rachel Nichols. It tells the story of a man who invites his estranged children to his home, because he believes that he is about to be killed. To convince them to help him stay alive, he puts their inheritance on the line. On the other hand, “Home/Wife,” starring Alisi Braga and Chris Holden-Reed, is a sci-fi thriller about a smart home that went wrong.

Little is known about the decision to unload these titles, in particular, but it can be said that the streamer and HBO Max are not the only ones who make seemingly unexpected content changes. This year, Starz removed well-known series from its services, including “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Becoming Elizabeth” and “Step Forward”. Paramount+ also dropped the series based on workaholics shortly before filming began. A lot has been said about cost-cutting measures in the streaming era and which projects get a boost from a particular streaming service and which ones get fired.

Only time will tell if Netflix decides to abandon any other films that have been filmed, and we will also have to wait and see where these two films ended up. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with films that have not yet premiered by reviewing the Netflix release schedule for 2023. And to get even more information about other films appearing in cinemas or broadcast on other platforms, check out the release schedule of new CinemaBlend films for 2023.


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