Netflix trial is back! But with a difference


Netflix has closed the trial version package for our country in recent months. It was not possible to use the service free of charge after the package that a user was using by opening more than one account was closed to access. With the change made today, the trial version is back with a difference.

Netflix trial version has become “paid”

The trial version could be used for one month and then reused the next month with a different prepaid card. Although some measures were taken as a result of the frequent repetition of this situation in our country, the trial version was removed as a result. Today the change made some users happy, some angered. Now, those who want to use a Netflix trial will pay a small fee.

Those who want to register for the trial version need a payment method, e-mail address and phone number that have not been used in the membership process before. Netflix has disabled the feature to prevent old users from repeatedly benefiting from the one-month trial campaign.

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