Netflix, trailer date for Baby’s 3rd season


Netflix released the trailer for the 3rd season of the Baby series, an Italian production that will be streaming next month.

In the new season, the protagonists Chiara (Benedetta Porcaroli) and Ludovica (Alice Pagani) must face the consequences of everything they did in the previous season of the series. With the police siege closing and the pressure mounting, friendships, family ties and romance are put to the test.

Check out the trailer for Baby’s 3rd season:

Season 3 will be the last of the series, which was canceled by Netflix after being accused of glamorizing sexual abuse and the controversy over showing young minors becoming prostitutes.

However, the series was based on a true story that shocked Italy, yet Netflix decided to cancel the program.

About the Baby series on Netflix

Baby is an Italian TV series produced for Netflix. Based on a true story, the drama follows two teenage girls who live in the upscale neighborhood of Rome and immerse themselves in a double life in search of independence and self-discovery.

In Brazil, the series is broadcast on Netflix.

The cast includes Alice Pagani, Benedetta Porcaroli, Brando Pacitto and Mirko Trovato.

The 3rd and final season of the Baby series opens on Netflix on September 16, 2020.

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