Netflix: Top 5 South Korean Movies Streaming


Netflix: On the rise in recent years, the South Korean film and television market is increasingly popular in the West. Therefore, streaming services such as Netflix are increasingly committed to providing Asian content, in order to introduce a new audience into the works and to segment one of the most sought after niches on the platform. All, of course, following the current wave of acclaimed titles like Parasite, Oldboy and Round 6.

Check out the top five South Korean movies available on Netflix below and find out why they’re worth giving them a try!

5. The Bros.

After meeting again for their father’s funeral, two brothers get themselves into the most hilarious situations for having quite different intentions involving inheritance and the payment of debts. In The Bros, Lee Seok-bong (Ma Dong-seok) wants to search for buried treasure in the family’s land, while Lee Joo-bong, at risk of losing his job, tries to convince his loved ones to sell the land and allow the construction of a highway. The result of this is a comedy beyond unusual and full of absurd twists.

4. Psychokinesis

Directed by Zombie Invasion Sang-Ho Yeon, Psychokinesis is a superhero story starring Shin Seok-heon (Ryu Seung-ryong), an ordinary bouncer who gains telekinesis skills after being hit by a fallen meteor. With new powers, the man seeks to become the avenger of his city, fighting mobsters, injustices and other threats while deepening his relationships and starting to face problems beyond heroism.

3. Drug King

Set in 1970s Korea, Drug King presents the story of Lee Doo-sam (Song Kang-ho), a petty drug dealer who builds a narcotics empire in Busan’s underworld alongside lobbyist and her lover Kim Jeong- ah (Bae Doona). Meanwhile, prosecutor Kim In-goo (Jo Jung-suk) tries to do everything he can to bring down foreign drug smuggling and destroy the drug dealer’s wealth for good, acting amidst a lot of drama and action.

2. The Connection

Inspired by the concept of the Butterfly Effect, The Link is a South Korean suspense and mystery feature that navigates between the timelines of the past and the present. Connected by a phone line, but in distant periods of time, Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) and Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo) have their fates intertwined as they take part in different family dramas: while one of them seeks to resist the abuses from her mother and loneliness, the other tries to escape from a potential serial-killer that has been rising in the city. But none have any idea what the dreadful future holds for them.

1. #Alive

Blending drama with horror, #Alive takes the zombie apocalypse from a different point of view by focusing on a desperate young man trying to survive locked in his bedroom. With no contact with his family and realizing he can’t resist with the few resources available, Oh Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) must find a way to get out of his apartment and avoid being attacked by an undead at the same time. who sees an infestation dominate the surroundings of the building and gradually extinguish the hope that he still has.


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