Netflix to launch ‘random choice’ option to watch in 2021


Variety magazine announced, on Wednesday (20), that Netflix will launch the “shuffle play” feature, which allows the random reproduction of movies and series, for all its customers later this year, allowing subscribers to take over the decision of what to watch, without any indication of the streaming service.

The functionality, which has been tested on some connected TV platforms since last summer, will be available in the first half of 2021. The promise is included in the company’s fourth quarter results, which exceeded the projected subscriber growth, reaching a record 36.6 million new members in 2020.

Netflix’s chief operating officer (COO) Greg Peters explained to Variety that the company is launching the “shuffle” feature as a permanent mechanism. According to Peters, the goal is to serve those who seek the service, but “are not sure what they want to watch”.

How will Netflix shuffle work?

In the trial versions, when the initial profile login screen appears (“Who’s watching?”), There is a button below each user with the options “Watch something” or “Shuffle play”. In the latter, the question “Don’t know what to watch?” in the sidebar menu.

When you choose to play randomly, but are not interested in the titles presented, the screen displays a button that says “Watch the other thing”. “Random Play” is programmed to offer programs or movies similar to the ones you’ve already watched, or genres you like, or content you’ve saved in the “My List” section.

For example, if you just watched O Gambito da Rainha, it is possible that random play will offer the series The Crown, explaining that the series is a biographical story of Queen Elizabeth II. If you are interested in films about chess, just click on “Watch something else”.


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