Netflix to film about GameStop related discussions


The saga of GameStop’s actions caught the attention of many people, and now it will become a movie, on Netflix. According to Collider, the streaming giant is already negotiating with Oscar Mark Boal (The Darkest Hour and Operation Frontier) a script, which should be consulted by the journalist and technology specialist, Scott Galloway.

Still without an official title and details on how the controversial story will be portrayed, the film will have Noah Centineo (from the For All Boys franchise) assuming an important role. Brad Weston and Nick Styne will produce the project.

Other productions

In addition to Netflix, MGM is also planning a production about the GameStop controversy. The film will adapt Ben Mezrich’s forthcoming book, The Antisocial Network, which came to the studio after a bid. Mezrich is the author of Quebrando a Banca, which was adapted for cinema with the same title, and Billionaires by Chance, who became the film The Social Network. There is no release date for the book and the film yet.

Finally, producers Jessamine Burgum and Matthew Cooper hired Noam Tomaschoff (from the still unpublished Tankhouse) to write a miniseries entitled To the Moon. Anne Clements will executive produce the project, which will accompany two roommates who were fired from their jobs at GameStop and AMC, and decide to move the stock market during the pandemic. There is no information on who will distribute the series.


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