Netflix: this iconic new series that disappoints fans!


There is something new on Netflix this week but this time, the platform is not unanimous with the release of season 1 of Dawson …

Badbuzz for Netflix? The platform puts the cult series Dawson online and greatly disappoints its fans …

Netflix no longer has to prove itself! It must be said that the platform is success after success at the moment: Lupine, Bridgerton or even The Winx to name just a few of its cult series!

To the delight of fans, Netflix has become our best friend during this endless lockdown! Always full of surprises, the streaming platform has so far always been unanimous on the networks …

Not surprisingly, it must be said that there is really something for everyone! Yet the last Netflix release divided the web last week …

Do you recognize the two lovers in the photo? And yes it’s Joey Potter and Dawson Leery from the Dawson series !!


On Instagram, Netflix announced the news to us last week! “Make yourself comfortable: the complete Dawson is available! »Is it thus written in legend.

Within minutes, fans responded, “Love it !!! series of my adolescence ❤️❤️❤️. “; “Hiiiiiii 😍😍😍😍 14 year old teenage girl cry of joy 😉. Going back 22 years, it kills all that. Thank you Néné! ❤️❤️ ”or“ Troppp top !! 🤩 ”.

However, the series is far from unanimous because some find the series too old … “Are we in 1995 again? »Asks an Internet user.

But that’s not all ! On Twitter, the announcement of this novelty also received more than mixed reactions!

However, on Twitter, the announcement of the arrival in the Netflix catalog received mixed reactions. “Netflix’s worst choice, no, but seriously …” or “Oh damn, and how about the little house on the prairie? »Tweets Internet users with sarcasm!

While they bemoan the release of the Dawson series, others bemoan that only the first season (of the six) is available on the platform …
“The complete! Netflix you are a liar! 🤥 Season 1 is only here 😏 When will we see it next? ”Wrote one internet user before being followed by many impatient fans!


Who has never heard of the Dawson series? Real success, this series is an emblem of the drama of the 90s!

Mixing romance and adolescence, director Kevin Williamson won over many fans at the time! Launched in the United States in 1998, fans loved more than anything to follow the daily lives of Jennifer Lindley, Dawson Leery, Joey Potter and Pacey Witter, 4 tormented teenagers who we see growing over the 6 seasons!

In fact, the series even won the 1999 and 2000 “Best Drama Series” from the Teen Choice Awards! And you, are you for or against the Dawson series on Netflix?


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