Netflix: these little-known series that you shouldn’t miss!


Notice to Netflix series and subscribers! Notice to Netflix series and subscribers! The good news for 2021? With this new curfew, we therefore have time to watch new series.

And in these moments we can of course count on Netflix! With its huge catalog, there is something for everyone and therefore for everyone!

And while some Netflix series are wildly successful, let’s also not forget the small accomplishments that give us just as much emotion. I promise, you won’t be on the trip …


Let’s start with the Danish series Equinox! Landed on Netflix on December 30, the story begins when a group of high school students disappear without a trace. Years later, the sister of one of the missing then receives a clue …

Paranormal Takes Us Into the Sixties follows Dr. Refaat Ismail, who became skeptical after a supposed supernatural encounter as a child. Ghosts, plagues, sirens… are all there!
If you are La casa de papel fans, you must see The Big Heist. Based on real events, it tells the story of the most important and successful flight in the history of Colombia …

For a dose of comedy, romance and anarchy, the Swedish series Love and Anarchy will delight you. Fan of thriller and science fiction? Biohackers immerses us in the potential and dangers of biohacking technology …

Coming straight from Brazil, the Good Morning series, Verônica also promises you its share of dramas and mysteries. Serial killer ? Conspiracy? Why are all the victims of these cases women?

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Into the Night will make you discover a different version of the end of the world. Arriving on Netflix last December, the Japanese series Alice in Borderland will offer you a dose of mystery, fantasy and action.


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