Netflix: these hot series not to be missed on the platform!


Get ready to warm up your winter evenings with Netflix! The platform has just unveiled its hottest series! We tell you everything!

What if Netflix allowed you to spice up your long winter evenings? The famous platform has just made its selection of the hottest series to follow in 2021! We let you discover …

Netflix will not stop surprising us in 2021! Indeed, the streaming giant is always one step ahead to satisfy fans of series.

After unveiling the new features to come for this new year, the platform has decided to go further and offer new experiences to its fans!

On its Instagram account, Netflix offers many challenges to Internet users. Selection of series, challenges to follow, novelty to discover… the platform has thought of everything to keep its fans busy!

Netflix has also thought about spicing up the long evenings of curfew! Indeed, the site has unveiled a selection of the hottest series to follow! We love !


Netflix has unveiled 11 sexy winter series. Top 3: Lucifer, Bonding or La Chronique des Bridgertons which offer very hot scenes!

If you want to prolong the pleasure, also opt for Outer Banks, Valeria or Easy! Perfect series to raise the temperature!

Finally, the platform also offers the fictions Warm and Cozy, A fireplace at home, and The Naked Director. Notice to amateurs!

Whether you are alone or with your crush, these series will not leave you indifferent. Many Internet users also validate the series chosen by Netflix for a hot evening!

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Like what, the platform knows how to seduce its fans! The streaming giant has made the buzz with this explosive selection! And we bet that these titles will soon be in the top 10!

No doubt, Netflix has not finished entertaining us in these difficult times!


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