Netflix: these French films not to be missed on the platform!


Netflix invites you to watch or re-watch 9 French films on its platform! We’ll give you more details. Discover the French films available on Netflix not to be missed!

The streaming platform has become a real ally for our movie nights. Now that the theaters are closed, we’re glad we have Netflix!

Indeed, the streaming giant offers us a catalog of rich and varied programs. What to find happiness!

Besides, sometimes the choice becomes very difficult. You think you will have more time to find your program and finally fall asleep after 5 minutes of filming.

Moreover, the platform offers a large number of films for all tastes! Subscribers to the platform can thus discover many feature films in several languages!

Thus, French films have also found a small place on the platform. And here too, we must say that Netflix is ​​spoiling us!

Moreover, the platform’s official Instagram account has just unveiled a list of French productions to see or re-watch! We thus find the film Iris by Jalil Lespert.

This French thriller was released in 2016. It was inspired by the Japanese film Chaos by Hideo Nakata released in 2000.

Kim Chapiron’s crème de la crème is also available on the platform. Released in 2014, the film follows the adventures of Dan, Kelly and Louis who are preparing to join one of the best business schools in France.


So Netflix subscribers will be spoiled for choice. Among the French films available on the platform, there is also the film Les 400 coups.

This film by François Truffaut, released in 1959 is a great classic of French cinema! We thus discover the story of Antoine Doinel, a young man in the midst of a teenage crisis.

Le Mépris, another great French classic is also available on the streaming platform. This is a Franco-Italian film directed by Jean-Luc Godard with Brigitte Bardot on the bill.

Always on the same theme we find César and Rosalie by Claude Sautet. Released in 1972, this romantic drama tells us the story of Rosalie, divorced and Caesar, a wealthy and confident man.

The film Le Marginal is also available on the streaming site. Jacques Deray’s film is an action movie to see or re-watch!

The more recent film Bande de filles is also on the Netflix platform. As its title suggests, we discover the stories of a bunch of very endearing young girls! To discover without delay.

Michael Haneke’s Pianist is also worth adding to your must-watch list. Released in 2002, the film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. Adrien Brody will surely not leave you indifferent!

Finally, those who have not yet seen The Life of Adele by Abdellatif Kechiche, now or never! Indeed, the film is also available on the streaming platform.


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