Netflix: the Swedish film “Moving targets” is a huge hit!


No one had seen it coming. A brand new blockbuster movie is in the top 10 most watched shows on the Netflix platform.

Netflix marked the occasion again. A foreign film, unknown to the public, is a hit on the platform. And he has not finished talking about him.

Yes, cinema has changed a lot in recent years. And Netflix is ​​proof of that. And for good reason, the American platform is known today for its original creations. His series have become references in pop culture. And his films are even nominated for Oscars.

But what makes Netflix famous are its foreign films. Indeed the platform offers a very varied choice and this therefore allows subscribers to make great discoveries.

As was the case in 2020 with the Turkish drama film “Koğuştaki Muciz” which moved the Web with its very touching story. Or the Spanish film “The Platform” which took everyone by surprise to its enigmatic end.

And soon after its release, the film caused a lot of talk on social media. Which intrigued more than one. This is why this new original creation produced by Netflix promises to be a big success.

“Red Dot” or “Cibles mobiles” in French, is therefore a Swedish film that nobody really expected to release. An icy thriller that leaves no one indifferent.

Netflix: the Swedish film “Moving targets” is a huge hit!


This Netflix gem has gone like a bomb. But if this feature film lasts 1 hour 26 minutes, it stays in your head for a long time after you finish it. And after seeing it, we’re not the same anymore.

So it’s an action-packed thriller set in the snow-capped mountains. It’s the story of a 30-year-old married couple on the verge of breaking up. But Nadja tells her husband David that she is pregnant.

To save their marriage, they decide to go on vacation in the mountains. A new start for lovers who will not be disappointed with the trip.

Indeed after a long day of hiking in the Swedish mountains, the two lovebirds are resting in their tent. But they are not alone. Several red dots appear and land on them.

They are local hunters. But not the usual hunters. Man hunters. Panicked, the couple therefore embark on an endless run. A real manhunt that will confront them with their own past.

This film with the apocalyptic scenario is today in the top 10 of the most viewed programs of the moment. And it has it all. With a Nordic setting and great acting, this is the perfect movie to spend a little Netflix night freaking out on your couch.


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