Netflix: The ‘snitch’ that will tell parents what their children are watching


Netflix: One of the leading and pioneering platforms in terms of content distribution by Streaming, Netflix not only has series and movies for adults such as The Haunting of Hill House or Stranger Things, but also, as we see each month, it comes with an offer in terms of Documentaries and children’s entertainment ideal for children with its mix of fun and education.

And if we have one at home that already fiddles with our mobile, the best thing to do is teach them to handle Netflix so that they find the appropriate content for their age, while protecting them from accidentally watching others – not the best idea than with 5 years I observed Pablo Escobar in action precisely. And it is that the cinema, the audiovisual contents, are a great method not only to entertain, but also to teach children. Especially to today’s young audiences, who basically are weaned with mobiles and the Internet.

Netflix sneak peek for parents

With this in mind, on Netflix they have created two new functions so that families can “interact with their favorite series and movies and, at the same time, find new content, be it a fantasy movie like The Dragon in the Teapot or a series of action and adventures like Ridley Jones ”.

First of all, the VOD platform has created a content ‘snitch’: Parents will receive emails with fortnightly summaries to better understand their children’s preferences. The abstracts will be divided into:

-Recommendations based on your favorite series and movies

-Printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by their favorite characters

-Main topics or topic lists showing the types of series they enjoy the most (science, friendship, etc.)

-Tips on how to use Netflix features for kids.

Therefore, children, you have finished watching something secretly if your father or mother never checks the history of content seen, since from this month Netflix will inform them of what you see.


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