Netflix: the series “Seven Seconds” evokes police violence!


The Netflix series, Seven Seconds evokes police violence in a powerful way! We’ll give you more details. How does the Netflix series, Seven Seconds relate to police violence?

The streaming platform’s catalog is so dense that we sometimes miss some very interesting programs! Among the series that have gone almost unnoticed, we think of Seven Seconds.

Available since February 23, 2018 on Netflix, the miniseries did not have the success it deserved. Still, its lead actress, Regina King, was awarded for her performance.

Indeed, the young woman was awarded the Emmy Award for best actress in a mini-series or a TV movie. The public and the critics praised Seven Seconds.

It is Venna Sud who is behind this cold and brutal drama. The latter is known for her work on the American version of The Killing.

The series here addresses the subject of racial injustices. A subject already seen a lot of times on television and in the cinema. But Veena Sud has her own way of doing it. Eh yes !

In the Netflix series, she chooses to tell her story through the eyes of characters who are suffering from their demons. We find, for example, an assistant to the prosecutor, alcoholic and sold police officers.

The series therefore focuses on racial crimes. But also social or political. The designer therefore talks about it through the experience of different characters. We tell you everything.

Netflix: the series “Seven Seconds” evokes police violence!


In the Netflix miniseries, we discover the story of the mother of a teenage boy from the African American community who was killed by a police officer. The series therefore evokes this social divide that is tearing the United States apart. And especially inequalities in the face of justice.

When Brenton Butler is killed by the policeman, his defense will try to smear the image of the victim. A practice that we have already seen in the media! Sad, but true. Eh yes.

Moreover, the choice of the victim’s first name is not trivial. Eh yes ! Indeed, the writers were inspired by the Brenton Butler case.

The latter was charged in May 2000 with the murder of a white tourist. The media had relayed his story en masse. We even discovered a documentary on this affair. Entitled An Ideal Culprit Also Receives an Oscar!

So the two Brentons, the real one and the one in the series, both fell victim to the American system. Without surprise. Netflix therefore invites us to discover this story in a mini-series of 10 episodes. 60 minutes each. Just that.

Moreover, Seven Seconds will not have a 2nd season. This would indeed be unnecessary. Season 1 is self-sufficient. Eh yes.

In Part 1 of the series, fiction gives us all the elements to set the story and the mood. While focusing on the investigation.

It will be necessary to wait for the 2nd part to attend the trial. Seven Seconds is not a trivial title either. We let you find out why. The series is available on the platform! To see, or see again very quickly.


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