Netflix: The Princess of Chicago 2 is on the platform!


That’s it ! The Princess of Chicago 2 released on Netflix! For our greatest happiness to all. So go to the platform.

Did you like The Princess of Chicago? You will like part 2! It is released today on Netflix to the delight of young and old. A little magic and love never hurts, especially at the start of winter. We tell you a little more.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, it’s here. We see that the two young women have remained friends. The young baker is still with her prince and is living happy days. But on the side of the princess, nothing is going. This one will be crowned.

But she’s no longer with handsome Kevin. Distance separated them. So, her friend takes the lead, and she arrives in her castle accompanied by her ex to help them find each other. Because obviously the two still love each other. But how can they find each other?

So in the Netflix series, the two women decide to switch roles once again. But will it work? Especially when a third person arrives, a certain cousin. And this one would apparently want to take the place of her cousin to be queen.


So obviously in The Princess of Chicago 2 we will find this Christmas atmosphere that we love so much. Christmas decorations, trees, beautiful decorations, that’s all we love! Plus a big dose of love and humor.

In short, a perfect film to spend a good Sunday under the covers and dream of Prince Charming. As we know in advance, the Netflix Christmas comedy will end well. Isn’t that the magic of Christmas too? We don’t want the realistic!

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So if you’ve been under the spell of the first movie, head over to Netflix to see the rest. No doubt you will still take yourself for a princess!


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