Netflix: the new king of successful TV series?


With the closure of cinemas and shows, we found refuge on the Netflix streaming platform. Focus on his crazy success.

The American giant Netflix deserves the crown of the new king of the series which cartons?

If we had been told one day that we could watch all the programs we wanted on small screens and on demand for a cheap subscription … we would all have laughed. But it vaguely reminds us of something like!

This is exactly what happened on the set of Tout le monde en parle in 2001. Indeed, Jean-Claude Van Damme was already describing the future of cinema at the time.

This misunderstood genius had also portrayed what Netflix looks like these days. We laughed at him!

It’s not easy to have a certain credibility when you are the king of shock phrases and often high-pitched philosophical delusions. And yet this time he was quite right!

The Belgian said in fact that thanks to the Internet, quality films could be broadcast. He talks about the possibility of reaching millions of people around the world.

By adding that they will even pay for this service! Finally, he adds that we can also download the films to watch them later.

And that these will even be available on our phones! But what a crazy idea …

“It’s a way to make us money that” said Thierry Ardison. And that is not the American firm that will say the opposite today!


At a time when the world of cinema and culture is being hit hard by the health crisis, streaming platforms are lining their pockets! They are not afraid of government announcements that turn our stomachs on certain Thursday evenings.

Curfew ? Containment? And lo and behold, Netflix rubs its hands and pulls out the champagne.

Indeed, if the population finds itself between four walls in front of its screen, it will necessarily want to be entertained to occupy its long evenings. This is where the streaming giant comes in, with its never-ending catalog.

The research process alone will already occupy you a good deal of your time! Moreover, the platform’s list of programs has not revealed all of its secrets.

Indeed, there are well hidden subcategories. A real Ali Baba cave! But no need to call 40 thieves to access it.

You just need to type predefined codes at the end of the URL address in your browser to discover real cinematic treasures. For example, if you want to access the sub-category of football films you add the code 12549. In short, if you think you have watched everything, well, don’t worry, that’s not the case at all!

But we have to admit that we are used to focusing on what our home page offers us. Very often, we will see the latest releases and especially the Top Trend programs on the platform!


This is the Netflix original series of the moment! In the first episode of the series, Omar Sy aims to steal the queen’s necklace. It will steal our hearts in the process!

We must admit that the French actor is used to success. But his collaboration with the streaming giant exceeds all expectations.

In fact, Lupine has climbed into the American top 10! This is a first for a French series.

The series is therefore inspired by the famous burglar Arsène Lupine. This fictional character was first born in the imagination of Maurice Leblanc.

We will then follow the adventures of this burglar gentleman in 18 novels, 39 short stories and 5 plays! Immersed in the France of the beautiful era, we discover a charming character with a mysterious character.

And who better than Omar Sy to masterfully embody Lupine! Actress Sharon Stone even praised him for her performance in a Twitter post! What else can I say?

It must be said that the casting team chose one of the favorite personalities of the French. Omar Sy is indeed second in the standings behind Jean-Jacques Goldamn. And this since 2019.

What also appealed to viewers was being able to discover Paris in all its forms. Indeed, the production team of the series even had the chance to set up their camera in the largest museum in the world, the Louvre.

Scenes were also shot in the very charming Norman town of Étretat. It was there that Maurice Leblanc went into exile to write the adventures of Arsène Lupine.


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