Netflix: The date of Kissing Booth 3 has been announced!


It’s official. The film The Kissing Booth will be entitled to a sequel on Netflix, and Joey King has revealed the release date of the third installment.

The People’s Choice Awards have had its share of surprises. That night, Joey King announced live that The Kissing Booth 3 has a date to air.

Last night, the actress received a prestigious award at PCA. The pretty brunette won the American Actress of the Year award.

A nice reward for the young actress, revealed in the original Netflix film, The Kissing Booth, therefore. Present last night to receive her prize, the young woman announced great news to viewers, therefore.

An unexpected announcement, which delighted all those present last night, but also fans on social networks, therefore. After thanking Netflix for its trust, as well as the producers of The Kissing Booth, the young woman shared a pleasing news.

“I promised myself I would tell you this if I won an award. A sequel to The Kissing Booth is in the works! She announced, hilarious. And that’s not all !


Joey followed up, saying the sequel to the feature film will air on Netflix in summer 2021. A whirlwind announcement made by the actress, just before she disappears from the scene.

On social media, Joey King’s announcement sparked a lot of reactions. “Too good, we’re going to see Jacob Elordi again with Joe King in Kissing Booth 3, I can’t wait”, “Omg best news of the evening”, “Kissing booth 3, I’m too impatient, it’s going to be long d ‘wait’, we can read.

Last July, the film’s official Instagram account announced that a third installment was in preparation. An ad liked by more than 5 million people, therefore.

As a reminder, the second film is among the 100 most watched films on Netflix. See you next summer to discover the rest of Ella, Lee and Noah’s adventures!


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