Netflix: The Curse of the Bly Mansion trailer and premiere


For fans of The Curse of Hill Residence who were longing for the tense atmosphere provided by the series, Netflix brought good news by releasing the first trailer for The Curse of Bly Mansion, the long-awaited sequel.

While the first part of the series was based on the story of the Crain family, with its dramas and ghosts from the past, the story now moves to a higher level of suspense and involves some completely frightening children.

Check out the first teaser for The Curse of Bly Mansion:

The story of the sequence shows the life of a housekeeper who takes care of two children, Flora and Miles, in addition to the Bly Mansion itself. Over time, she realizes that she is in more and more danger when she sees that children are anything but normal, as well as the fact that the very residence in which they live hides completely disturbing secrets.

In The Curse of Bly Mansion, we see Victoria Pedretti as the protagonist alongside other big names such as Henry Thomas, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and more.

The sequel arrives on Netflix on October 9, 2020. In the meantime, you can access the streaming platform and check out The Curse of Hill Residence, the series that unites terror, drama and suspense in the perfect measure!

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