Netflix thanks its fans for the success of “Bridgertone”!


New success on Netflix! The Bridgertone series is unanimous on the web and the platform thanks its fans for their presence!

New success on Netflix (and not the least)! The Bridgertone series is unanimous on the web and the platform thanks its fans for their presence and their support!

Released on December 25 on the Netflix platform, the Bridgertone series has never ceased to be talked about! Announced since October, this new series was very, very awaited by the fans!

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has once again seen it all right! Indeed, only 10 days after its release, the series made the buzz.

Composed of 8 episodes of 55 minutes, thousands of people have already finished the season. Some even claim on the networks to have watched it in one night “so addicting the show. ”


It goes without saying that this Lady Whistledown intrigues us! Become the new Gossip Girl of the year, Netflix therefore delights fans with the socialites of old London.

Today Netflix shares with us an ambiguous post! “For those who don’t speak English very well, basically: you made the series, The Bridgertons Chronicle, a huge success! Is it so written.

“This series is a masterpiece! I can’t wait to see you next socialite season. “Or” Big crush, the universe is too small and the story is super endearing, I recommend phew! »Comment the fans.

But that’s not all ! They also send a little word to director Shonda Rhimes: “I have to admit that this charming, slightly spicy romantic series is totally addictive. “; “No wonder when you know who’s behind I’m talking about Shonda Rhimes. ”

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And while The Chronicle of the Bridgertons is still waiting to be officially renewed for a season 2. There are rumors … The shooting of season 2 is scheduled for March 2021 in Uxbridge, England.

Info or intox ? To be continued …


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