Netflix support claim for Apple Spatial Audio technology


Apple offers the Spatial Sound feature that creates a three-dimensional sound experience with its AirPods Pro and AirPods Max headphones. This feature can be used while watching videos from iPhones and iPads. Netflix will allegedly soon support Apple’s Spatial Audio feature.

It has been offering Dolby Atmos support on Netflix for a long time. Thanks to this support, those who have compatible tools in the audiovisual setup can benefit from the object-based three-dimensional audio format.

The website iPhonesoft, broadcasting in French, brought up the claim for Spatial Sound support. The claim was based on a source within Netflix. If this support is offered, only Netflix users with iPhone or iPad and AirPods Max or Pro will be able to benefit from this opportunity.

It is not difficult to understand the reason why this support cannot be used on televisions. Apple’s Spatial Audio technology detects the location of the iPhone or iPad, and the head movement information provided by AirPods allows the sound position to be adjusted.

Thanks to Netflix support, Apple Spatial Audio technology can become much more useful. In this way, you can experience Netflix content on iPhone or iPad as if you were in a movie theater.


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