Netflix: streaming movies and TV shows for free


Watching Netflix for free has always been the desire of many users. The streaming service is now offering free access to some movies and series to non-subscribers.

The option is part of a marketing strategy that seeks to win new subscribers from these tastings. You can watch movies like Two Popes, Bird Box and Mystery in the Mediterranean, in addition to the first episodes of series like Stranger Things, Elite and Gracie and Frankie. The initiative releases free productions in all countries where Netflix operates in 2020, including Brazil.

To see the movies for free on Netflix, just go to the promotional page

( and browse the catalog. It is not necessary to login. In a help page, the company states that it is only possible to access the platform on Android phones or through browsers on the PC, be it Windows or macOS. The promotion does not work on iPhones (iOS) or smart TVs. The company does not say how long the content will be available.

The films are available in full, with all subtitling and dubbing options. For series and TV shows, only the first episode of the respective first seasons is released for tasting, also with all language options.

Before the screenings, a 30-second video ad shows the variety of the streaming catalog, but it is possible to skip advertising and go straight to the broadcast. At the end of the movie or series playback, the user is directed to a page where they can subscribe to the Netflix monthly fee.

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