Netflix Starts Testing TikTok-Like New Feature Fast Laughs


Netflix has started testing a new feature called Fast Laughs with a limited user base. This feature, which is very similar to the general structure of TikTok, consists of clips of 15 to 45 seconds of comedy productions. The feature will be available to all users shortly.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online TV series and movie platform, has begun testing a feature on TikTok. This feature, called Fast Laughs, allows watching episodes of comedy-focused content on Netflix. When users swipe the screen, they can switch between content just like on TikTok. In addition, watched content can be added to the watch list and shared, allowing more content to be discovered.

In fact, Netflix offers a Fast Laughs-like experience with a feature called mobile previews. The only difference between the two features is that while mobile previews work like stories on Instagram, Fast Laughs works like TikTok. When the feature under test is available to all users, content between 15 and 45 seconds will be available.

This is the feature Netflix has started testing.

Netflix’s new feature was first noticed by a social media expert named Matt Navarra. Later, this feature was seen by various tech sites as well. In the statements made by Netflix, it was stated that the feature is currently being tested in markets such as the USA and the UK, and more users will meet this feature in the future.

Netflix’s new feature is not intended to make the platform a social media platform. Rather, the company is trying to get users to access more Netflix content. However, bringing features specific to social media platforms to Netflix also causes criticism from time to time. It seems that Platformsa will continue to work in line with its own plans.

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