Netflix Starts Testing Exclusive Shuffle Play Feature


Netflix has started testing a new feature called Shuffle Play to make it easier for its subscribers to discover new content. With the new feature, Netflix starts playing random content according to your viewing habits.

Netflix, the world’s largest online movie and series streaming service, has begun testing a new feature. This feature, called “Shuffle Play”, plans to help Netflix subscribers who do not know what to watch.

If you watched the new season of your favorite Netflix series or another Netflix movie that you were eagerly waiting for on the day of its release, you may have difficulty finding new content. Netflix’s new “Shuffle Play” button comes into play at this point.

The Shuffle Play button appears as ‘Play Anything’ for some users

When you click on the Shuffle Play button, Netflix brings out random Netflix content according to the content you have watched before or saved to My List. In other words, Netflix starts to find the content you may like from its library and play it automatically.

Although Netflix is ​​testing the Shuffle Play feature with its users all over the world, a limited number of users can access the feature for now only through the Netflix application on smart TVs. Therefore, not all Netflix users can experience the new feature early.

Netflix’s new Shuffle Play button; it is located on the initial profile selection screen, on the main screen of the user profile or in the side menu of the TV application. According to the users who participated in the test, the button can only be seen in one or all of these three locations.

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A Netflix spokesperson stated that their aim with the feature they tested is to make it easier for subscribers to discover new content, and that the data obtained in the test will be used to decide how the feature will be released.


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