Netflix “Spinoff show of the 70s” has completed its first season, see how the leading star celebrated


Netflix’s “Show of the 90s” excited many fans of the parent show “Show of the 70s”. This will not only allow viewers to return to Point Place, Wisconsin, but will also allow them to see performances by OG stars such as Wilmer Valderrama, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The production of the show was moving forward, and work on the first season has already been completed. And when the production of the spin-off was completed, the main star Kelly Haverda celebrated the last day of filming.

From the very beginning of filming, the star of the “90s Show” posted pictures of herself and some colleagues on the set and shared them on her Instagram. Of course, she tried not to spoil anything from the sequel. When the production of the first season officially ended, Callie Haverda (who plays the daughter of Eric Foreman and Donna Pinciotti) posted a sentimental message in which she reflected on what she had to go through over the past few months. Check out the cute post of the promising actress below:

The end of the production of the first season was supposed to be a bittersweet moment for Kelly Haverd, but she couldn’t have called it a better event. A video showing her wiping a dry-erase board is particularly well suited to complete this chapter. You can imagine how much effort she and her colleagues have put into these releases, and it’s great that she is glad that the audience will see this show. And the all-white outfit that the young actress wore to the post definitely shows that she will go all-in in the spirit of the 90s. These cargo pants and a top at the waist are enough to make many of us feel nostalgic for the fashion of that time.

What will be especially interesting is to see how the star and the new cast interact with the veterans of the “70s Show.” Some OG actors talked about their experiences working on the spin-off. Ashton Kutcher recently explained why he and his wife Mila Kunis reprised their roles of Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart respectively, saying they felt it was right to return to the roles that made them stars. Co-star Laura Prepon admitted that she cried on her first day on set as Donna Pinciotti because of the nostalgia associated with her time in the original series. I believe that the three actors, along with their screen friends Topher Grace and Wilmer Valderrama, will easily return to their roles.

Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp will also return as Red and Kitty Foreman, respectively, and will be key characters in the show. In it, their granddaughter Leia will spend the summer with them in Wisconsin. While there, she will make friends with local children and eventually form a new squad of teenagers in Point Place. It’s a good premise, and now that the filming of the first season of The ’90s Show has been completed, I’m even more excited to see Callie Haverda and company. there is in the store for us.

A release date for “The 90s Show” hasn’t been announced yet, but you’ll need a Netflix subscription so you can check it out when it comes out. While you are waiting for his arrival, watch the CinemaBlend TV program for 2022 to find some interesting options to occupy yourself. And if you want to watch classic episodes of the “70s Show, stream each season with an Amazon Prime subscription.


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