Netflix series thrills with big secrets


Last week, Netflix hit the premiere of Who Killed Sara ?, a drama series full of big secrets and a quest for revenge. Created by José Ignacio Valenzuela, Mexican production was included in the Top 10 list of several countries, including Brazil.

Success can be explained by several narrative factors, especially by the use of melodrama – a genre that tends to be very successful almost whenever it is proposed.

Throughout the ten episodes of the 1st season, the series develops at an intriguing and interesting pace, showing a crescent that has everything to surprise the audience with its outcome.

Not for nothing, Netflix has already announced its renewal for a 2nd season. So, learn more details of Who Killed Sara? with our complete review!

Who Killed Sara ?: Netflix series uses classic jargon already seen in several soap operas

The Brazilian public may already be accustomed to the infamous phrase “Quem Matou?”, After all, several soap operas have already used this resource to leverage the audience and involve their audience even more in the narrative. In the case of this series, doubts lurk around the characters at all times.

As much as, initially, the idea is to develop the circumstances that took the life of the character Sara (Ximena Lamadrid), the spectators follow a plot of revenge, full of dark mysteries and sinister involvement.

Alex Guzmán (played by Manolo Cardona) spent many years of his life in jail after taking responsibility for the death of his sister, Sara.

The audience follows, by means of flashbacks, that César, the powerful patriarch of the Lazcano family (Ginés García Millán), somehow convinced a young and immature Alex to take all the blame, since his children would also be involved in the accident .

However, as he matures and reflects on what would have happened, the character realizes that he can still correct the injustices that surround him. On the day that Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones), Sara’s ex-boyfriend, is promoted to the management of the family business, his brother José María (Eugenio Siller) wants to take on his engagement to Lorenzo Rossi (Luis Roberto Guzmán).

However, Caesar does not want to allow his family to be tarnished with the figure of a homosexual and fights against his son’s decision. Rodolfo’s consecration event still has the presence of Mariana (Claudia Ramírez), matriarch Lazcano, and Elisa (Carolina Miranda), one of the heirs.