Netflix series and movie releases for April 2020


Netflix series and movie releases for April 2020. What better time than this? Check out all these fun materials that will be available next month.

Netflix is one of the largest platforms in the world in the streaming area , since it has varied and original content, especially, they update their catalog .

This time we bring you the most anticipated releases of the month of April , with endearing, classic, touching and very interesting stories , and as always there will be something for everyone, from comedy, drama, action and a little romance, which nobody likes evil.

On these dates stay at home, see what Netflix brings you and prepare to not get up from your seat for days.

Do not forget to organize your film marathon , you can make them with a single theme or create a mix of genres, which would be very interesting, it will be your perfect companion on those days when you stay at home.

– Forrest Gump.

– Fashion intern.

– A Lady on wheels.

– Love, Wedding, Chance.

– The Seducer.

– The Paper House: The Phenomenon.

– Only you.

– Sergio.

– Rescue Mission.

– Coffee & Kareem

– The club of five.

– Do you know Joe Black?

– Dangerous Lies.

What is the first one you will see?

The good thing about the series that present situations to you little by little and has more opportunity to see them depending on your times, the bad thing is that the plots are so good that you are stung with the fate of each of the characters.

– The Dragon: The Return of a Warrior, season 2.

– The House of Flowers, season 3.

– The Last Kingdom, season 4.

– I never.

– The Midnight Gospel.

– The Walking Dead.

– The Paper House, part 4.

– Three meters over the sky.

– After Life: Beyond My Woman, season 2.

Which one are you looking forward to the most?