Netflix Series: Cursed [Review]


While filming for the second season of The Witcher was stalled, Netflix’s new fantasy series Cursed calmed the atmosphere a bit. So is Cursed a series at least as good as its trailer, what place does it have among the fantastic worlds? We reviewed Netflix’s Cursed series.

While we are all waiting for the second season of The Witcher, Netflix came up with another fantastic series. Cursed is a series based on the story of King Arthur, which is set in the Middle Ages and that we have watched over and over again. Although there have been 21 adaptations about King Arthur in the past, Netflix has added another to this list.

Doing business in the fantastic genre is difficult. It is more difficult to get the audience connected to the universe. How successful is Cursed, how much is it engaged in its audience? Let’s take a look together …

Netflix’s fantasy series Cursed:

Director: Zetna Fuentes
Genre: Fantastic
Cast: Katherine Langford, Gustaf Skarsgård, Devon Terrell, Daniel Sharman, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Lily Newmark

A girl with mysterious powers named Nimue tries to deliver the magic sword she possesses to a wizard named Merlin after the attack on her village. We watch Nimue pull it on the road and discover herself.

What if the fantastic war legend lady ladyboy?

Nimue’s search for herself was not badly portrayed in the drama. We were able to share the pain of the character in many places. Katherine Langford showed good acting. The only problem is that he has a delicate look and face that cannot be a war legend. We couldn’t see the Nimue character’s ambition and anger in his face. The result could have been much better with a player who would take a tougher stance. At least a player who wouldn’t grin with a sword in hand would save it.

One of the principles of Netflix is ​​to put a well-known and popular actor in the lead and organize the whole series around him. Apart from these, we can say that Langford improved his acting with the 13 Reasons Why series and Knives Out.

The Arthur character in the series is a complete disaster, except for acting. Arthurian Fantasy, which we watched a million times, this time fell victim to the plays of Ali Cengiz. When Netflix wanted to apply the diversity policy that it applied in every series, a strange situation arose. Thousands of years old King Arthur has turned into a street thug. Devon Terrell did not do a bad job in terms of acting. Whatever material he had was played according to him. He had played Obama in the past, in Barack Obama’s biographical movie Barry.

In general, all the characters in the series are given in dark. Merlin was given even darker and more mysterious than the character’s personality. Merlin is a slightly crazy, idiosyncratic character. It takes a long time to understand it. From time to time, he says very thought-provoking sentences – like a public spot.

Gustaf Skarsgård, who gave life to the character of Merlin, we can say that such characters were born to play. In the past, we have seen him in the series Vikings and Westworld. The characters are very similar to Vikings’ Floki and Cursed’s Merlin, with similar atmosphere to Cursed. Therefore, the player performs well with such an infrastructure. At least he’s not grinning with the sword in his hand.

Nimue needed a tougher and more ambitious image. Apart from that, Nimue’s life flow was given well in the drama. They gave their progress well both with their “flashback” scenes and their suffering. You get the answers to all the questions in your mind.

The scenario is a click above the cliché and mediocre, but the variety is very good:

We watched a scenario that is cliché of the cliché. The story of King Arthur, shot over and over again, started to taste like a pumpkin. Cursed tried to recreate this story with its own character design. He put it in front of us as if it warms the food left over from yesterday. While watching, you say let’s watch a different story not to be a cliché, but you can guess the last episode from the first episode. Cursed doesn’t offer us a new story. Adapted millions of times, he adapts the King Arthur story with his own character design.

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Diversity is the heart of fantasy fiction. Although Cursed feeds on stereotypes, he wants to create a very detailed universe, so races and side characters have a wide range. The masked pope protectors, the sick, a different pope figure, non-human beings, the king of the dead, the winged beings show that the series has a thought-out structure. If we hadn’t gotten into the sword story so early and got to know the races more, maybe we would have thought differently. The fairy alphabet is the taste of the series.

The series is boring in certain places. You cannot speed it up and watch it. There is a detail you will miss too much in between. Many details are given that may or may not work for you. It also becomes a freak because the scenes are stretched too much. The story of the years is getting boring no matter what you do. It could be a nice job with shorter episodes and shorter season lengths.

I am the leading role, you cannot touch me, the rule works again:

There are also annoying logic errors. Of course, these are logical errors for some of us, and for some of us, they are now cliché events in the industry. We’re talking about war scenes. Our lady lady war legend, Nimue, plunges into the turmoil. She looks around as if saying “I am the leading role, you cannot touch me” and stands in the middle. The extras are no longer able to seek and find wisdom.

Was this scene disturbing the flow of the story? If not, why was this stereotype allowed? Aren’t the people responsible for choreography and cinematography satisfied with the money they get? We should not mention the wolves at the beginning of the series. They don’t squeeze and attack; As if that wasn’t enough, they also do everything to die.

Netflix does not invest all of them in the same project if they have some money. While he can make a very good movie / series, he is making two intermediate movies / series instead. He also allocates a considerable part of the budget to an extremely famous actor. After setting up the whole series around him, he presents it to the audience. Netflix is ​​constantly turning into a mass production factory that creates the same content.

You watch TV series as if reading a comic book:

Perhaps one of the most striking details in the series was the stage transitions. It was the kind of detail that connected many of us to the series and kept it from breaking. They made a very pleasant narrative with page transitions as if they were reading a comic book or book.

The visual effects were good in the first episodes, but they started to deteriorate afterwards. One of the most important issues in a fantastic series has gotten worse. It’s hard to shoot a fantastic drama. It takes a long time for the audience to adopt new races, mysterious and dark characters. Such bad effects cause the connection between the audience and the universe to break. The footage was good overall, but in some places it felt as if the cinematographer left his seat on vacation to his nephew.

As a result…

We cannot say that Cursed has a bad expression, although it is frequent in some places. It could be monitored with small differences. Maybe a second season can be expected for the universe he created. As a result, Cursed is a drama neither good nor bad, wasted when it could be much better. If you’re embracing fantasy worlds unconditionally, watch it, but if it’s the opposite, don’t give it a chance.


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