Netflix: See The Week’s Releases On Streaming (06/18 to 06/24)


Netflix: The weekend is just around the corner and you still don’t know what to watch on Netflix? So, keep an eye out for this edition of the Netflix Agenda, as we’ve separated all releases that arrive on the platform as of today (18).

In the world of series, the highlight is the premiere of the 4th season of Elite this Friday (18th). The plot follows the students of Las Encinas after the end of investigations into the death of Polo and Marina. Guzmán, Samuel, Rebeka, Omar and Ander return to school for another school year and discover that the direction of Las Encinas is now in the hands of Benjamín, who takes his three teenage and troubled children to school.

In the universe of movies, the comedy Paternity is the highlight of the week. The production tells the story of a man who becomes widowed unexpectedly on his daughter’s birthday and starts raising the girl by himself.

Check out the complete list of news on the platform below. Titles and dates may change by the company.

Netflix schedule from June 18th to 24th

Today’s Premieres on Netflix (18)

Elite (Season 4)
Yakuza family
Between Reason and Emotion
Take me out of here
For Rent A Paradise
Mobile Suit: Gundam Char Strikes Back!
Samurai X – The End
Focus on the Marriage
The Nomadic Gangster

New series on Netflix

06/22 – This Is Pop
22/06 – Heartland (14th Season)
06/23 – Playing with Fire (2nd Season)
23/06 – Luxury Family Properties
06/24 – Godzilla Single Point
06/24 – Jiva!
06/24 – The Naked Director

New movies on Netflix

06/21 – Luccas Neto: 2 Very Weird Nannies
06/21 – Troll Hunters: Rise of the Titans
06/23 – The House of Flowers: The Movie
23/06 – At Second View
06/23 – Homicide in Costa do Sol
06/24 – Sheppard Sisters: From the Streets to the Podium