Netflix, season 3 release date of “Carmen Sandiego”


Netflix prepares for the expected premiere of the new season of “Carmen Sandiego”

Netflix prepares the return of Carmen Sandiego with its season 3 in the fall of this year.

The streaming platform announced that October 1 will be the day the new batch of episodes hits Netflix and people are very excited about it, as the end of season 2 left things wide open about how Carmen Sandiego and her team can move on.

Our heroine, Carmen Sandiego has to find her mother and unite with ACME and VILE. The second batch of episodes really gained momentum since the establishment of the world of the series and the main protagonists of the story during the first season on Netflix.

What to expect in season 3 of Carmen Sandiego?

Now Carmen Sandiego will don her trusty red hat and pull that glider out of Netflix storage early next month.

When the new season was announced, the star of the Netflix series, Kari Wahlgren released a reveal on social media, thrilling fans:

“More mysteries to be revealed @CarmenSandiego returns for season 3 on @netflix!”

Season 2 of the series “saw Carmen trace the answers to her past and her true identity; that her father was a VILE faculty member known as” The Wolfe “, while her mother faked her own death, just before his father was murdered. The grand finale of Season 2 has set the stage for an even more exciting Season 3 to come! ”

Plus, Finn Wolfhard is ready to return as Carmen’s eyes and ears away from the dangers of the field. Wolfhard is a household name due to his role in Stranger Things.

The actor’s time at that Netflix behemoth and other projects actually led him to question the possibility of taking on the role. But now he is absolutely excited to be a part of the team.

“Giving Player a voice was great because it offers a really interesting exposition about the places and missions Carmen gets into, but it’s also the intimate voice in his ear,” he explained to PEOPLE. “At first, I was concerned that due to my schedule, the project would suffer because I was filming separately from the rest of the cast.”

Check out the official synopsis for Carmen Sandiergo below:

“Everyone asks“ WHERE is Carmen Sandiego? ”But no one asks“ WHO is Carmen Sandiego? ”The iconic red-clad woman returns with new international capers and a glimpse into her past. With Gina Rodríguez as Carmen and Finn Wolfhard as Player “.

Have you seen the first two seasons of Carmen Sandiego? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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