Netflix: Screenwriter is preparing the epidemic movie!


Attention, big Netflix project in sight! Writers of the platform are preparing a comedy on the pandemic … We are waiting to see!

Can Netflix Writers Ride Wave 2? In any case, they seem on the way to doing it… Because a comedy on the pandemic is brewing. And the writers should be talked about too!

Indeed, pulling off a comedy about a pandemic about which we don’t know much … and also which has killed more than a million people, it does not seem easy. It was therefore necessary to put regulars on the spot!

Netflix has therefore brought together Judd Aptow and Pam Brady to achieve something end, funny … And above all, which is not in bad taste. Judd Aptow will therefore lead the production, he who has already released 40 years, still virgin or Blistered, instructions …

With him to direct the director, Pam Brady seems less known … But she is one of the writers of South Park. A screenwriter who can kill Kenny 97 times may well pull off something light on the pandemic.

In any case, Netflix to take the opposite view of the other films which come out on the covid. While Songbird, a thriller by Michael Bey should be released soon, the big red N tries to make it less scary.


Indeed, the film by Michael Bay, available in December, evokes a much darker sequel for the covid. He thus imagines a mutation of the disease from covid-19 to covid-23… Much less happy.

Netflix will therefore try to get out of fear to bring covid to the field of comedy. In the vein of the film Knives Out, an autumn hit, this would bring together quite a few great actors …

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A big casting for a pastiche behind closed doors. The principle ? A group of actors locked in a hotel, but who must finish their film … Reality and fiction are therefore likely to mix.

Netflix is ​​therefore launching the big maneuvers around Pam Brady and Judd Aptow to release his film on the pandemic … But we should not wait until next year!


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