Netflix Schedule: For All Boys: Now and Forever Premiere


If your weekend is always packed with series and movies, keep an eye on this edition of the Netflix Agenda, as we will show you all the releases that arrive on Netflix starting today (12)!

In the series universe, the highlight is the series Behind Your Eyes, a foreign series that promises to pump up the Netflix catalog. “Based on a novel with the same name as the series, Behind Your Eyes follows the life of Louise, a solo mother who gets involved with the couple Adele and David. This is a romantic and exciting story, but just as confusing, ”says the official synopsis.

As for the films, the big title is For All the Boys: Now and Forever. The production has the following plot: Lara Jean Covey is about to graduate and start a new phase of her life. During two remarkable trips, she begins to assess how her relationship with family, friends and boyfriend will be after graduation.


Check below the complete list of news on the platform. Titles and dates may change by the company.

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Netflix schedule from January 12 to February 18

Today’s Netflix premieres (12)

12/02 – For All the Boys: Now and Forever
12/02 – Xico, The Magic Dog
12/02 – Hate of Dani Rovira (Stand-up)
02/12 – Bernard Family Funerary (Season 1)
02/12 – Oven Delights with Nadiya (Season 1)
New series on Netflix
02/14 – The Big Day (Season 1)
02/15 – Pit Stop (Season 1)
02/15 – Loola (Season 4)
02/17 – Behind Your Eyes (Season 1)
02/17 – USA – The Fight for Equality (Miniseries)
02/17 – Meat Eater (Part 2)
02/18 – That’s how Kishibe Rohan spoke (Season 1)

New movies on Netflix

14/02 – Love Challenges
02/14 – The Cordial Animal
02/15 – Twilight
02/15 – The Twilight Saga – Eclipse
02/15 – The Twilight Saga – New Moon
02/15 – The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn – Part 1
02/15 – The Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn – Part 2
02/15 – Proud Mary
02/16 – The Danish Girl
16/02 – Red Dragon
16/02 – The 40 Year Old Virgin
02/16 – Scarface
16/02 – Barney’s Great Adventure: The Movie
02/16 – Você Radical – Safari (Interactive Movie)
02/16 – Casual Sex?
02/16 – Ethel and Ernest
02/16 – Back to the Future
18/02 – The Man of the Crowds


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